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Lungo Local Tour Ethiopia

Summary:  Trekking/Historical/Tribal Attractions 

Duration: 30 days 29 nights

Together with lungo local tour Ethiopia you have the option of using either land transportation or taking a short flight to Bahir Dar (the shores of Lake Tana, the source of the Blue Nile), An afternoon hike takes you to the beautiful Tis Abay Falls, also known as the Blue Nile Falls. Overnight hotel.

A full-day visit of Lake Tana. Visit a selection of island monasteries such as Ura Kidane Mehret and Narga Selassie. Once on the northern lake shores, visit the Church of Debre Sina. Overnight hotel.

A drive of three hours north of Bahir Dar will take you to Gondar, the capital of the Abbisinyan Kingdom during the 17 century. We will visit the medieval era castles and palace. Gondar has a rich history with its beautiful and strategic mountain setting. The 17th-century capital was once the crossroads of several major caravan routes. The artistic buildings surrounding the Royal Enclosure with its medieval castles and churches are a reminder of this heritage. Overnight hotel.

DAY 4.   GONDAR- SIMIEN SANKABER   3250 meters.  3-4 hours hiking
Together with lungo local tour Ethiopia Drive from Gondar early in the morning to Debark where we will finalize the preparation for the trekking in Simien Mountains National Park. While we arrange for the scout and pay the necessary fees, you will have about one hour to have tea and coffee before leaving for the mountain, We then drive to the starting point of our first trek to our camp site at Sankaber, where we will encounter the first Galada Baboons. Overnight camping.

DAY 5.    SANKABER-GICH   3600 meters.    5-6 hours hiking
As we pass the Kaba valley, we reach a narrow ridge to a cliff where we have a spectacular view of the Abyss towards the Simien foothills.  A large waterfall of the Jinbahir River plunges 500 meters into the Abyss. After lunch, we walk through fields of barley before we arrive at the ivillage of Gich. Here we can enjoy a traditional coffee ceremony in one of the huts and learn more about local farm life. From Gich village it is a short walk to Gich camp which is a good area to look for Lammergeyer and Thick-billed raven. Overnight camping.

DAY 6.     GICH-CHENEK.  3600 meters   7-8 hours hiking
From Gich camp we will reach Imet-gogo and the volcanic landscape, where it looks like big chunks of mountains have been blown away. We climb to the summit of 4070meters, where we will have lunch. After lunch. we descend to Chennek for about 2 hours along a steep trail. From Chennek camp there are spectacular views in all directions and the best part in here is the Walia Ibex in late afternoon or early morning. Some times Walia Ibex visit the edges of the escarpment. Overnight camping.

DAY 7.     CHENNEK-SONA      3100 meters   6-7 hours hiking
On our way to Sona, we will reach one of the highest mountains peak known as Buwahit 4430 meters. On Buwahit, we will probably not be alone, as there are usually plenty of Walia Ibex (a mountain goat family). We then walk along a series of rocky downhill sections until we get 4200 meters. Next, we proceed down to our camp for another two hours until  the towering cliffs of Imet-Gogo appear again. From here it is an easy walk to Sona. Overnight camping.

DAY 8.     SONA-MEKAREBIA              2200 meters      6-7 hours hiking
Walking to Mekarebia is mainly a steep downhill for three and half hours to a river where we can have a nice swim in a pond known as Insia. After having a pleasant stay on the river, we continue walking to the camp in the late after-noon observing the bushy surroundings. Overnight camping

DAY 9.     MEKAREBIA-MULIT          1800 meters.  6-7 hours hiking
We trek to the last camp Mulit. We cross the Insia River, which is full of birdlife and surrounded by a tributary river with a big natural swimming pool called Derek-wonz. Here, we will take a lunch break. A one and a half hour uphill takes us to a small village. Overnight camping.


Together with lungo local tour Ethiopia Drive to Axum, the land of queen of Sheba’s ancient kingdom.  Overnight hotel.

Day 12.    AXUM
City Tours to Axum museum, the Stella Fields and also the grounds of the 16th-century Cathedral of St. Mary of Zion the host church of the Arc of the Covenant. King Kaleb and his son tombs and the Queen of Sheba’s swimming pool and palaces, Dingur the house of the Nobel men from 6th century etc… Overnight hotel.

On our way to Hawzen we will visit the 800 BC temple of Yiha, 45 km east of Axum. Once we arrive in Hawzen, we will prepare to Climb Abune-Yemata Guh and Mariam Korkor mountain monastery. Overnight lodge.

This day you visit Both Korkor Mountain and Abune Yemata Guh, then a late afternoon drive to Mekelle. Overnight hotel.

Together with lungo local tour Ethiopia Drive to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Lalibela.  It will be nearly a full-day drive, but it will be joyfull driving through remote villages enjoying the Ethiopian country side lifestyle. Overnight hotel.

Your guide will lead you through the network of churches and the tunnels linking the churches. The churches are still in use today. In the afternoon, your guide takes you to the eastern group of rock-hewn churches. Though they are smaller in size, they are no less impressive and have intricate carvings and many dark tunnels to explore! Travel further afield to the Nakutelab rock-hewn church, built into the side of a hill in a natural cave. The afternoon culminates in a visit to a private home to participate in an Ethiopian coffee ceremony. Overnight hotel.

A flight back to Addis Ababa for a tour of assorted places and a visit to the large market. Overnight hotel.

DAY 17
After breakfast in the hotel, we leave Addis Ababa and drive about 240 kms to Hosana, visiting the archaeological site of Melka Kunture, the monolithic stelae site of Tiya and the 12th century rock hewn church of Adadi Mariam. Overnight hotel.
DAY 18

Morning, drive about 255kms to Arba Minch. On the way , we visit the Wolayta people and their houses. After lunch, ascend to Guge Mountain to visit the Dorze tribe and their magnificent beehive shaped huts, false banana cultivations and weaving culture. Overnight Paradise Lodge.

DAY 19

 In the morning, drive about 25 kms to Netchsar National Park, the home of the rare endemic Swayne’s Hartebeest, Burchell’s Zebra, Grant’s gazelle and numerous birds. In the afternoon, take a boat trip on Lake Chamo to see hippos, large size crocodiles and birds. Overnight Paradise Lodge.

 Day 20

After breakfast in the lodge, together with lungo local tour Ethiopia leave Arba Minch and drive about 250kms to Jinka via Konso, visit the Darashe people and their village en route.  Have your lunch at Weito, then continue driving to Jinka exploring Tsemay and Benna tribal village. If the day is Thursday, there is a chance to attend the colorful Keyafer Market which is attended by the Benna, Tsemay and Ari tribal groups. Overnight hotel.

 DAY 21

In the morning, drive about 90kms to Mago National Park. We make an excursion tour to see and appreciate the very attractive culture of the Mursi tribe. They are renowned for the strange custom pursued by their women, who on reaching maturity, have their lower lips pierced and pop in a “terra cotta” (circular clay disc). Overnight hotel.

 DAY 22

In the morning, drive about 130kms to Turmi, settlement of the Hamer tribe via Dimeka and Key Afer, exploring the Hamer and Benna tribal village and if the day is Saturday there is a chance to attend the colorful Dimeka market and encounter three different tribal groups: Hamer, Karo and Benna.  Overnight lodge.

 DAY 23

Drive about 65kms for a full day excursion to Murelle. Here one can visit the Karo ethnic groups, experts in body painting. After having lunch, drive to Kangatan and cross the Omo River by locally made boat to see the tribal village of the Nyangatom/Bume people, then drive back to Turmi for dinner and overnight stay. Overnight lodge.

 DAY 24

Drive about 75kms for an excursion to visit Dasenech people; who inhabited the banks of Omo River. We cross the Omo River by locally made boat to see the village. After lunch break in the lodge, drive to the nearby Hamer tribal village to experience their way of life and then drive back to Turmi for dinner and overnight stay. Overnight lodge.

 DAY 25

In the morning, together with lungo local tour Ethiopia we leave Turmi and drive about 195kms to Konso. On the way, visit the Arbore tribal village. After lunch break in Konso, We explore the Konso tribal village, meet their chief and learn their way of life. Late afternoon, drive back to the hotel for dinner and overnight stay. Overnight lodge.

 DAY 26

Morning,  drive to visit the very famous village known as Gesrgeyo inhabited by the Konso tribal people and proceed to the famous place called “New York” to witness unique land formation. We then drive back to the hotel for lunch. In the afternoon, we drive about 110kms to the city of Yabello through the admirable Borena tribal villages. Overnight hotel.

 DAY 27    

In the morning, drive about 105kms to lake El-Sod meaning “Salt House” to visit how the Borena tribe extract salt from the lake and then drive back to Yabello for lunch. After lunch, drive about 240kms to Yirgalem through the scenic Sidama plain. En route visit the Gujji tribe, coffee and Enset (false Banana) plantation. Late in the afternoon, walk in the lodge ground and surrounding forest to see wild animals, such as hyenas. Overnight lodge.

 DAY 28   

After breakfast, visit the Sidama tribal villages around Yirgalem & proceed driving about 90kms to Wendo Genet, known for its thermal hot spring. In the afternoon, trek through the Juniper plantation in search of hot springs (most of them have curative power and locally used if for boiling eggs, potatoes, corn, etc). We will also look for endemic forest birds. Overnight lodge.

 DAY 29 

 In the morning, commence driving about 265kms back to Addis Ababa through the marvelous Rift Valley lakes of Langano and Ziway. In the afternoon, half day city tour of the capital city including MERKATO, the largest open-air market in Africa. Overnight hotel.

 Day 30

Full-day stay in hotel to rest and to prepare your baggage for your departure.

My name is lungo for the above tour ittenerary package price quote do not hesitate to contact me.

My suggestion!
The itinerary for the Omo valley is highly flexible. Local markets are held on specific days. In order to attend the colourful markets, we will have to be there on those days. But there are no specific days for ceremonies or festivals. We have contact in all of the Omo valley villages. If something is to happen in one village, we will put our planned itinerary aside and drive to another village to be a part of the event.

We suggest a walking tour if you are interested in social life, living conditions, problems, development projects, politics and the many an told stories of the tribal people. That would allow you time to visit with families and observe their daily- life activities. It is good way to experience real life in Ethiopia.

The above itineray is an ideal normal touristic tout. But there will be many more things to do and place to visit. We prefer not to list them all here. That way we can keep your interests and desires as the focal point for the final itinerary. Possibly, the unwritten part of our trip will be the best part of all.

Walk in step with lungo
People to meet
Views to gaze
Stories to hear
Culture to attend and life to experience

My name is lungo (afework bezabhi)
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