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Tour North Ethiopia

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They don’t call it the Historical Circuit for nothing! Lake Tana, Gonder, Aksum, Yeha and Lalibela are legendary among historians while even lesser known sites, such as Debre Libanos, Gorgora and Mekele, offer antique intrigue.


Staring down a massive cavern in the Simien Mountains, up one of the soaring
pinnacles around Hawzien; or out across the volcanic creations in the Danakil Depression – Northern Ethiopia’s scenery will wow


It’s not just the scenery that makes the trekking in Northern Ethiopia world-class, it’s also the variety. There are high-alpine landscapes in the Simien Mountains and little-known
Menz-Guassa Community Conservation Area, and treks through farms and villages around Lalibela and Tigray. If you’re truly hardcore, join the camel caravans out of the Danakil.