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Ethiopian Tour ittinerary

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Ethiopia is Africa’s oldest country and has a unique cultural history. A tour of this independent nation will introduce you to a rich heritage that harks back to the 4th century when Ethiopian Orthodox Christianity was established.

From deserts, savannahs and canyons, to soaring mountains and high plateaus, you will embark on a trekking tour across a landscape like no other. You’ll also meet humble and friendly people, explore ancient monuments and have thrilling wildlife encounters.

Unsure what an Ethiopian trip entails? Here’s what an Ethiopia travel itinerary looks like with some of the scenic highlights that you can expect to see.

The popular northern circuit can be covered in between five and eight days by air or two weeks by road. Append some time in Addis Ababa and take a detour to the Simiens and Harar if you have time.

Addis Ababa

Don’t miss the National Museum, a fine introduction to Ethiopian history, or the incendiary local food and dancing at Habesha 2000.

Lake Tana

Basing yourself at the port city of Bahir Dar, take a scenic boat trip to the monasteries of the wooded Zege Peninsula.

Blue Nile Falls

Witnessed in the rainy season, the Blue Nile Falls are one of the most spectacular cataracts anywhere in Africa.


Head north from Lake Tana to absorb the Portuguese-influenced stone castles and churches of the former capital.

Simien Mountains National Park

Day walks or overnight hikes in this mountainous park come with a certainty of encountering, among others, the endemic gelada monkey and spectacular lammergeyer.


Explore the ancient stelae and ruined palaces that litter this most ancient fulcrum of Ethiopian culture.


A tour of the town’s famous rock-hewn churches could be followed by a day hike to Asheton Maryam or a drive to the churches around Bilbilla.


Fly east, via Addis Ababa, to enjoy this Islamic walled citadel and its legendary hyena men.

Ittenerary for south omo valley

The itinerary for south is made with the calculation of time to step on places at the right time and day. I can mention some as an example. Stepping in turmi on Monday is a perfect timing as it is a market day and being in Demeka on Saturday would be nice as there is a probability of attending a bull jumping. B/c of such kind of facts, to make the detail itinerary,

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