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Ethiopian national park

Ethiopian National parks

There are almost 20 national parks found in Ethiopia in 4 directions of the country with different geographical backgrounds and climates, Ethiopia is one of the top world country who have many National parks those are:- Abijatta – Shalla National park, Awash National park, Bale Mountain National park, Borena Saynt National Park, Gambela National park, Kafta Sheraro National park, Mago National park, Maze National park, NechSar National park, Omo National park, Semien Mountain National park and Yangudi Russa National park, also Ethiopia recorded 6 wild life sanctuaries:- Didessa Wildlife sanctuary, Babile Wildlife sanctuary, Kuni-Muktar Wildlife sanctuary, Senkelle Wildlife sanctuary, Stephanie Wildlife sanctuary and Yabello Wildlife sanctuary, those national parks and wildlife sanctuaries are the home for 279 mammal species among those 31 are endemic to Ethiopia and endangered species there are 924 birds species recorded in Ethiopia among those 23 are endemic to Ethiopia only recorded in Ethiopia.