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Omo valley Hotel


Don’t expect great accommodations in any of the towns south of Arba Minch. However, you will find a great accommodation in up marke budget standard such as the Kanta Lodge in Konso, korebta lodge konso, omo eco lodge ginka, turmi lodge turmi, emerald lodge turmi, paradise lodge turmi, Buska Lodge in Turmi, hayle  resort, parades lodge, emerald lodge, Mora hotel and adika lodge in arbaminch was also decent. Other hotels were normal.

The order for food, drinks and to check in, the room they would be late 15 minutes after you order!! Every day before you leave hotel be sure that you didn’t forget important things like passport, bags, and electronics and return back your room key!! Check in and out is at 11 am morning time!! We will choose a hotel far from church and mosque!! Hotel rooms you should check in by yourself but doing not to trust a hotel say we have Hot Shower, electric, toilet paper, soap and towel!! In each destination first You should see the room and if you don’t like inform in advance and we will change immediately another room