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Festival in Ethiopia


Discover the world of the ancient Ethiopians as you take these festival tours on the historic route of Ethiopia. With more than 80 different ethnic groups living together with a tradition as old as humanity itself, Ethiopia is a melting pot of cultures. In this fascinating country, you will be amazed to witness how ancient historical traditions have been preserved in a remarkable manner for thousands of years. And, indeed, the ceremonies and rituals of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church open a window on the authentic world of the Old Testament. Like nowhere else in this country you will find yourself so dramatically transported back in time or to participate with such freedom in the sacred rituals of an ancient faith.

Below you will find small group departure festival tours carefully crafted around some of the most important and colorful festival on the Ethiopian Calendar. On this tour, you will also visit the unmatched sites of Ethiopia’s Historic Route among which four of the sites are listed under UNESCO’s world Heritage. Step back in time and explore thousands of years of history, legend, and lore as you take these trips to the Historic Route of Ethiopia to witness some of the most colorful and ancient Christian festivals .