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Ethiopian public bass price


elow we list the current price list for public bus. Lungo local tour Ethiopia can book the public transportation.

North Ethiopia

Addis Ababa-mekele 610 birr
Addis Ababa-Gondar 500 birr
Addis Ababa-bahirdar 400 birr
Addis Ababa-Dese 310 birr
Addis Ababa-axum 790 birr
Addis Ababa-lalibela 680 birr

West Ethiopia

Addis Ababa-Gambela 580 birr
Addis Ababa-mizan 420 birr
Addis Ababa-jima 270 birr
Addis Ababa-nekemt 260 birr
Addis Ababa-asosa 520

Southern Ethiopia

Addis Ababa-moyale 600 birr
Addis Ababa-dila 270 birr
Addis Ababa-yabelo 440 birr
Addis Ababa-Ginka 450 birr
Addis Ababa-Arbaminch 355 birr

East Ethiopia

Addis Ababa-diredawa 400 birr
Addis Ababa–jijiga 510 birr
Addis Ababa-harar 450 birr

Train price

Addis Ababa-dredawa
Addis Ababa-Djibouti