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Market day in omo valley



In each small village of omo valley is the heart of the Omo Valley region where the tribe live. Visiting market is one of the none touristic destinations that you can see the real life in the market Tuesday, thursday and Monday, which is the big market day in omo valley. The people of all the tribes villages in the area walk for hours to trade animals, goods that they have made, food they have grown, firewood and even souvenirs for tourists. Down two side alleys are the mills where women take purchased grains to be ground into flour. The place buzzed with activity.

Usually when you go to a market in a foreign country, mainly curious about what’s for sale. Undoubtedly, the market is a great place to get a sense of the things that the tribes need to carry out their daily lives. the more interesting aspect of being in the market is just watching the people. The weekly market is their opportunity to meet with members and sometimes even family from neighboring villages. It is fascinating seeing the tribes community come together to barter and to enjoy each other’s company. If you decide to make a purchase, make sure you bargain hard! It helps to have a guide with you to help translate, as English is language spoken here.

Market and tribal ceremony

The itinerary for the Omo valley is highly flexible. Local markets are held on specific days. In order to attend the colourful markets, we will have to be there on those days. But there are no specific days for ceremonies or festivals. Lungo  local tour Ethiopia have contact in all of the Omo valley villages. If something Is to happen in one village, we will put our planned itinerary aside and drive to another village to be a part of the event. We suggest a walking tour to the market if you are interested in social life, living
conditions, problems, development projects, politics and the many an told stories of the tribal people. That would allow you time to visit
with families and observe their daily- life activities. It is good way to experience real life in Ethiopia.

Market days

Turmi: monday and Thursday(Thursday is a small women marke day
Demeka: Saturday and Tuesday
Alduba: Tuesday (the biggest in omo valley)
Keyafar: Thursday
Ginka:Saturday and Tuesday
Omorate: every days
Konso:thursday and Saturday
Bodi:every day at hana
Karo: no market
Nyangatom: every day
Stemay: monday, aribore on monday and dorze thursday and Saturday