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About the Founder

My name is Lungo Kebede. I am your tour advisor and organizer. I have been working in tourism since I was a teenager. In 2013, with the help of five former Netherlands clients, I founded Lungo Local Tour Ethiopia.  

I have two names, two lives and two faces.  Afework Bezabhi is my birth name. Lungo (which means tall in Amharic) is my nickname. One of my lives is in the Omo Valley where I was born into the Hammer tribe of the village of Turmi. My other life is in the city. I grew up in Arba Minch and Addis Ababa. I now mostly base myself out of Addis. My tribal face is painted and I wear traditional head and neck ornaments. My city face is open minded and alert to friends and visitors. And, like everyone else, I wear sunglasses and carry a cell phone. I am comfortable with both faces.

Before I established my own tour company, I had many years to observe tourists being herded about to places and on time schedules that were more for the benefit of the tour company than the client.  I wanted to do something different. I wanted to avoid places swamped with tourists and I wanted my clients to choose where they wanted to go and what they wanted to do once they got there. 

I try to be a good researcher for my clients. I try to find the perfect blend of history and modern culture so my clients can get an accurate overview of the places they visit.

I coordinate with a network of responsible and friendly guides and drivers serving destinations all over Ethiopia. I trust them because I know them and have worked with some of them for many years. With their help and your input, I will work hard to make your trip to our ancient and mysterious country everything you want it to be.

Whether it’s a half-day tour to the Addis Ababa mercato (one of the largest in Africa) that is full of hard-working people, with some in beautiful cultural clothes; or a 30-day tour of the ancient rock-hewn churches of the north and the varied tribal cultures of the south; I hope you will consider Lungo Local Tour Ethiopia as a partner in planning your trip.