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Ethiopian Tour and travel

In Ethiopia there are 300 tour operators and travel agency registered in 2012, Ethiopian tour operator and travel agency.In my village there is something called a dark circle which is created by taking tourist always in the same village and it is sending tourists with the driver to the same places again and again. these place we call it touristic and so many tourist are not satisfy with their stay in such a kind of touristic destination, Some places are a must to see but for other places, instead of showing one thing for the million tourists, I prefer to show million things for million tourists (some time I do mix both touristic and non touristic it depends of tourist interest)

Normally we take our gusts off the beaten path. In such kind of villages you can see the original culture which is not spoiled by the visitors who just hand over money for locals in every step and there will be no hustle. These is why lungo localtour different from other tour company and most of tourist interest is to be away from very much touristic (many complain touristic site with so much hustle for photo)