Two Day Addis Ababa City Tour

Two Day Addis Ababa City Tour

Lungo Local Tour Ethiopia

Summary: City tour and excursion

Duration: 2 days, 1 night


We begin the day looking down on Addis Ababa from Entoto Mountain, the capital of Ethiopia before Addis Ababa.  Here you will have panoramic views of the city with fresh air from the eucalyptus forests.  Here you will visit the Entoto Maryam Church and museum.

Next we proceed down to Addis Ababa via Shiro Meda, the city’s largest market for traditional clothes.

We visit the campus of Addis Ababa University to see the ethnographical museum, with great displays of the many cultures of Ethiopia, housed in the former palace of Haile Selassie.

Continue with a visit to the National Museum, where Ethiopia’s oldest resident, Lucy, is housed.

Close to the National Museum is the Selassie (Trinity) church, one of the most important churches of Addis Ababa and the final resting place of Haile Selassie, to whom there is a dedicated museum on site.

We finish the day with shopping in merkato, the local marketplace which is said to be Africa’s largest open-air market. Overnight hotel in Addis Ababa.

Day 2

Depart south from Addis Ababa via Butajira.  On the way, we will visit the archeological sites of Tiya (ancient stelae field and UNESCO World Heritage Site), Adadi Maryam (a rock-hewn church similar to those in Lalibela) and Melk Kunture (pre-historic tool-making site).  In late afternoon we return to Addis Ababa where we will enjoy cultural music at a local restaurant in the evening before transferring you back to the airport. 



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June 11, 2019