Southern Ethiopia Omo Valley Tribal Tour — 4-Day Itinerary 

The itinerary for the Omo Valley is highly flexible. Local markets are held on specific days. In order to attend the colorful markets, we will have to be there on those days. 

But, there are no specific days for ceremonies or festivals. We have contacts in all of the Omo Valley villages. If something is to happen in one village, we will put our planned itinerary aside and drive to another village to be part of the event.

We suggest a walking tour if you are interested in the social life, living conditions, problems, development projects, politics and the many untold stories of the tribal people. That would allow you time to visit with families and observe their daily-life activities. It is a good way to experience real life in Ethiopia. 

Day 1

Flight from Addis Ababa to Arba Minch. We then take a five-hour road trip to Jinka through the fertile hills of South Ethiopia. We will explore the life of the Ari and Bana tribal villages. Overnight hotel in Jinka.

Day 2

Excursions through the Mago National Park. We will visit the remote and lesser visited  lip-platted Mursi and Bodi tribes in their non-touristic villages. After spending a reasonable time interacting with the Mursi tribe, we will continue to the friendly Hammer Tribe to join the daily activity inside their huts. 

There is a 95% probability that we can witness a bull-jumping ceremony on market days. Overnight camping in Hammer village or in a Turmi hotel.

Day 3

Excursions to Omorate. We then cross the Omo River to visit the Dassanach tribal villages. Return to Turmi for overnight in hotel.

Day 4

Drive back to Arba Minch. We will make a short visit to the Unesco World Heritage 

Site of the Konso people. Flight from Arba Minch to Addis Ababa. We then transfer you back to your hotel.

The above itinerary is an ideal normal tourist route. But there will be many more things to do and places to visit. We prefer not to list them all here. That way we can keep your interests and desires as the focal point for the final itinerary. Possibly, the unwritten part of our trip will be the best part of all.

Walk Instep with Lungo

People to meet

Views to gaze

Stories to hear

Cultures to attend and lives to experience