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Simien Mountains National Park Trek for 7 Days

This seven-day trek in the Simien Mountains brings you to the peak of Ras Dejen (Dashen), the highest point in Ethiopia.

Day 1        
3-4 hours of hiking

Depart early in the morning from Gondar to drive to Sankaber, with a stop in Debark to handle national park fees, etc. You will start your trek to Sankaber near Buyit Ras. The route passes close to the escarpment edge. Nearing Sankaber, you will have beautiful views on both sides of the escarpment ridge. You will likely see the endemic Gelada baboons. You will be met with your supplies in Sankaber. Overnight camping at Sankaber.

Day 2         
4-5 hours of hiking

From Sankaber, depart into a valley, through which the Wazla (or Koba) River runs. (This river is often dry). Coming out of the valley, you will have views of the Jinbar River waterfalls falling into the Geech Abyss. Continuing along, you will cross the Jinbar River and ascend into the village of Geech. Overnight camping at Geech.

Day 3          
7-9 hours of hiking

After an early breakfast, depart from Geech to the peak of Imet Gogo (3926 meters). Here you’ll have spectacular views over the lowlands – one of the highlights of the trip. As you continue to Chenek, you will pass Korbete Metia, a solid rock wall which opens up exposing beautiful views over the lowlands and the escarpment. This is also a good place for spotting lammergeier vultures. Overnight camping in Chenek. 

Day 4           
6-8 hours of hiking

From Chenek, continue east up a valley to Mt. Bwahit (4430 meters) overlooking the camp from where you just came. After crossing the Bwahit Pass, you come to a viewpoint offering wonderful views of the Mesheba River Valley, as well as your first glimpse of Ras Dashen.

From here, the path descends, passes through the village of Chiro Leba, and finally leads to the Mesheba River. Across the river, you climb back up the valley to the village of Ambikwa. Overnight camping in Ambikwa. 

Day 5             
8-10 hours of hiking

Starting early, you will continue up the valley to the village of Mizma, after which you will have a steep ascent to a ridge crest overlooking a large valley. The path then follows along the side of the valley, straight at Ras Dashen. You will eventually reach a point where you will see three distinct buttresses. The buttress on the left is the summit of Ras Dashen. A pile of rocks at the top of the buttress marks the summit. After your successful arrival at the highest point in Ethiopia, you return to Ambikwa for overnight camping.

Day 6              
6-8 hours of hiking

Today you return back to Chenek for overnight camping.

Day 7

Today you will be transported out of the park, returning to Gondar.