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Simien Mountains National Park Trek for 3 Days

Day 1 
Gondar to Sankaber.         3-4 hours of hiking

Drive from Gondar to Debark. Here we obtain a permit from the Park headquarters and collect our obligatory scout before continuing to Sankabar (3250 meters) for the first overnight camp.

An early start is needed as the drive from Gondar takes 2-3 hours. The trek begins at Buyit Ras near the Simien Lodge. You will walk to the Sankabar campsite. During the walk, there’s a good chance of seeing your first Gelada baboons.

Day 2 
Sankaber to Geech            5-7 hours of hiking

You will walk to Geech via the spectacular Jinbar Waterfall. After descending to the Jinbar Wenz (which feeds the waterfall), a short ascent remains to Geech village. The campsite is a short distance from the village.

The camp site has great views of the mountains and is characterized by giant lobelia plants. Baboons, vultures and ravens are regular visitors. The nearby Kedadit summit provides one of the best places to see the sun set. The camp site is situated at 3600 meters.

Day 3 
Geech to Ambaras to Gondar     4-5 hours of hiking

We trek from Geech to the Imet Gogo promontory, for one of the most spectacular views in the whole mountain range. This is a great day for seeing the magnificent Lammergeier vultures.

From Imet Gogo, we trek back to the road near a village called Ambaras to meet the car for the drive back to Gondar.